reflections of tassahara, now

reflections of tassahara

“Our shows are more than will; for still we prove

Much in our vows, but little in our love.”


meditating at sapphire dawn

meditating at amethyst dusk

my mind springing in autumn

my heart summering in winter

seeking the way within the way

beneath still waters lazy trout

above white waters dragonflies

hovering flirtatiously wing

within each of these quicksilver

moonshadows reach beyond the stars

still love seeking still higher love

my heart wintering in summer

my mind falling into dansing

contemplating noon at dawn

contemplating midnight at dusk

within all these my love remains

the worth of this is that and that

is that

my love in that remains

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(october 13, 2010)

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2 Responses to reflections of tassahara, now

  1. Jingle says:
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    I invite you to become a participant, which helps you get poetry awards upon making a minimum 18 comments to participants.
    Thanks for the considerations. Link in a poem via commenting under the post when you are ready.
    Happy Thursday!


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