mon desir

mon desir

(st. palais sur mer, france – to my radiant crystal)

“…as we know ourselves our dreams become our realities…”

-dafree whitewolfe

when first you valsed into my rising sphere

dansing upon tensile waves still seeking shore

not unaware that the gold moon was ripe

by such nocturnes as these is thirst made pure

within reach but beyond hermetic grasp

too close but not close enough mon desir

the congeries of your beauty being

less yet more as should be than truth itself

so dreaming i awoke within a dream

to sing

of such beauty as beguiles truth

to be obsessed

with knowing that unknown

bruising the tender earth with each soft step

i found while wandering in bright dream

where each sky is always a darker blue

and stars cradle messianic rainbows

in what was certainly a miracle

floating over your head crystals crowning

the fluidity of dawn in your eyes

i could say your body is beautiful

carelessly i could say it as men do

and speaking truth fail in describing it

for love when not stained by love decays

the supple body

subtle mind

soft heart

beautiful though each may indeed seem

are mere mirrors of our refining souls

gently illuminating the kosmos

to speak

of truth is to pursue virtue

danse mythic circles on holy mountains

or free with our each breath

a dragonfly

so if i sing of beauty but forget

virtuosity absolves truthfulness

i lie

for mere words do not

cannot speak

of such numinous triangulation

your very existence substantiates

the hummingbird hovering in the rain

and hints more at secrets still virgins hide

but you are more than such images

much more

you remain the mysterious logos

that always unspoken magical word

linking us

a chain always unbroken

embracing all forms as love loving love

as infinite seas kissing endless shores

so you enter my lungs on a raindrop

as a crisp mist of crystalline salt you

quiver my flesh with quilts of foam or sand

the cardinal source of all whetting dreams

and amidst shifting sands and cloudy skies

i sing myself into an albatross

as my ears listen so my eyes perceive

eyes tinted blue by your fluidity

and other eyes we do not understand

crashing sunsets hiding diamonds in roses

transform ice to fire make evil divine

i see

i hear

i touch

i kiss

i know

your soul slowly evolving as my soul

mon desir past christ’s desire for all souls

so dreaming you awake me beyond dream

more is never enough of such beauty

the aggregates of your wonders unknown

too far but not far enough mon cherie

beyond reach but within my cobalt soul

bliss arising from an  absolute thirst

not unaware that fullness is emptiness

even stardust seeks illumination

are you that rose that i am becoming

o mon seul cherie

no nearer lest  grasping disenthrall my soul’s

desir seul mon o   o mon seul desir

chrétien marc valentin

(08 septembre 2014)

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