burning brighter

...further up & further into love..

(for my love)

“Il n’y a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, à aimer et être aimé.”
-George Sand

what is still rarer than freedom
me loving you loving me

what is sweeter than solitude
finding we are not unalone

what remains beyond poetry
me dreaming us in your eyes

what endures when ecstasy fades
you loving me loving you

what fathoms nothing about time
your hart beating within mine

what divines nothing about space
my hart healing yours healing mine

what is more elusive than peace
the grace within which we dwell

what is gentler than sweet silence
your soul whispering to mine

what is brighter than starry nights
the passion burning in your eyes
burning in your eyes i see
burning in my eyes you see
burning in our eyes we see

your love glistening in my eyes
my love glistening in your eyes
burning brighter within our eyes

my love refining your love my love
your love refining my love my love
there is nothing that is not our love

what is rarer than higher love
your love refining my love

mark emmanuel christopher valentine
(september 15, 2011)

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