Triplicity & Synergy


The image above represents a paradigm of how order emergerces from chaos or from the bottom-up in consciousness. From a semiotic perspective, it is any Holon consisting embodying the triplicity of sign, signifier and signified.  (A musical equivalency is to be found in the music of Arvo Part.)

The image below is the empty circle in the above image as ‘the inivisible hand’ of Adam Smith, or what I prefer to articulate as ‘the radiant mind in the hand of the Taoist sage that grasps by not-grasping;’  i.e., that force that “having eyes we see not and heving ears we hear not,” but which we all recognize as the synergy that manisfests itself within the group consciusness of a given social or cultural construct.

At the level of the artist, the top image represents the artist and the bottom image represents the ‘divine muse.’


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