I created this blog years ago.  For a lack of interaction with kind hearts & minds, I more of less forgot about it.  All of a sudden I am discovering I am not as unalone as I thought!  🙂

I commit myself to honoring your interest by taking a reciprocal interest in you.  However, you will have to grant the time and space to honor this commitment.



La Gitane

Les flammes vacillent, la gitane s’enflamme
Pas de demi-mesure, pas de saison, seul le tremplin de la vie,
La danse s’empourpre, le feu crépite, le corps nage,
Les gestes dégagent chaleur, élégance, magie
Dans le rouge et l’orange de la nuit…

La musique féerique envoùte,
Chaque pas est une naissance qui fait beaucoup de bruit,
Les plis de la longue robe attisent la fougue,
Le bonheur trépide et s’évade, c’est un un brigand
Qui n’attend jamais minuit ….


the gypsy

(for my gully good gypsy)

“..,O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright..”


the flames dansing the gypsy enflame neither

the lame nor the timid such flame burns only in

those who danse circles on the trampoline of life

the danse enkindles

the fire crackles

the body rains

her elegant gestures sparkle with sweet magic

paint tantric flames on the canvas of the black night

the enflaming music creates a magick arch

with her every step music gives birth to wonder

her robe’s long pleats spin wonder to astonishment

gypsy ecstasy intoxicates all lovers

those who do not danse circles with the midnight moon

such ones are not even beasts but merely shadows

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 6 june 2012)

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