the gates of wisdom

(for my beautiful muse, my kamila, my gully goodness)

“…belle faut soffrir pour etre beau…”

-dafree whitewolfe




Auguste Rodin

beyond confusing participation

critical thinking seeks a pathless path

resting on attraction and compulsion

inside rodin’s grasp burns a sphere of wrath

as quickly attraction finds repulsion

so exactly love subtly transforms hates

without contraries is no progression

prophets weeping wisdom athens berates

darkly the emergence of compassion

how much difference between heaven and hell

the poets incite grand inquisitions

notre dame’s towers chime emmanuel

manjushri weeps as kwan yin hands him her blade

beauty weaves such a terrifying brocade




-Auguste Rodin

“…A poet knows you cannot win…”

–Madeleine Peroux

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 20 october 2012)

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