On the Importance of Not-Being Earnest






The Motley Fool, or…

On the Importance of not being Earnest

“…as the fool thinks of himself as being wise…

so the wise man knows himself to be a fool….”

-dafree whitewolfe

We met Earnest in the mirror one morning and realized that if we were to become a compassionate executive, we had to put him out of his misery!  We realized that not he was the butt of Goliath when it came to appreciating the fact that the joke being played was always on US and we can be so very conceited and pompous, just like King Lear (who I also help find peace in another incarnation, incidentally).  So, we decided to pick up our tome of Shakespeare, put on Prospero’s discarded robe and transform ourselves into David.  Now I am always looking for the punny side of my capacious mendacity!)

…so dressed as the fool dresses we find ourselves in our undutchably unamerican motley this week, as is our habit these days…and doing what we do bestest, eaves-dropping (this is a virtue not a vice you want to be a ‘good fool’)  on ourselves…here is what the motley fool over-heard, with a unfortunately long preamble to help your savor the humor as jokes are hard to translate…

Two Dutchmen were enjoying a favorite repast after a tennis club in Overween.  As usual the loser was paying for the Heinekens.  The loser that day was from Haarlem.  The winner that day was from Bloemendaal.  If you live in where the flowers bloom it probably means your parents once did well in the Tulips before the the bubbles (teehee, a small pun) burst and the market-crashed and along with it Capitalism.  Dutch culture is eglatarian and socialistic, i.e., they believe your neighbor, even when he is your enemy, is still your brother.  So while Tennis and Dressage are aristocratic sports in most other cultures, in Holland there are just forms of recreation akin to gardening which the Dutch also love having an inordinate passion for flowers.  So, our two Dutchmen from literally opposite sides of the rail-road tracks both belong to the same tennis club.  Oh, one more thing.  The Dutch admire and despise Americans.  The admire US because it provides THEM with a great source of entertainment.  They despise US because, well, Americans are so arrogant and stupid.  “Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it.”

Imperialism and Capitalism are already failed in to name just two, France and Holland.

So, like everybody all of US most of Them are watching the current political drama unfold in America. You have to also understand that it is the rare Dutchman that is not tri-lingual (another reason why they can understand US but we cannot understand THEM)!  Van der Dyke (Bloemendal) and Baartmans (Haarlem) are discussing the Presidential debates.

B: Wel je wel, Ik denk dat dat Romney, hij ist een echte fokker, he? (Ya know, I think that Romney is a really a breeder of horses, right? NOTE: Fokker is a horse breeder, but sounds almost like f**ker!)

H: Jawel! De rijken zijn nog steeds getter rijker in Amerika, omdat de armen in de rest van de wereld zijn nog steeds armer. Dat Romey (there is no ‘th’ in the Dutch language) he is a real f**ker! (Absolutely! The rich are still getter richer in America because the poor in the rest of the world are still getting poorer. I hope you are not so deficient in wit as to not be able to get the bi-lingual pun!  We are sure Shakespeare is rolling in his grave with laughter right now. He would be so proud of his motley fool!)

B: Weet je wel, dat was zo’n een goede grap die ik ga kopen ons een andere ronde! (You know, that was such a good joke I am going to buy us another round!

He who laughs last wins!

the motley fool aka the undutchable unamerican  ~~~~^^

p.s using the branometer 1-9 scale – there is not such thing as a perfect ten under the sun – comment on this post! ~~~~^;^

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