without you

without you

(the master sings to margarita)

“All of love we know of love

is that love is all there is.”

-Emily Dickenson

you are so very far away darling

but still i feel your fearful hart nibbling

wilde hares in springing grass hunger feeding

can tulips ever kiss a lonesome rose

such closeness as your breath on bright dewdrops

without you must  i  return to nothing

how long must the quicksilver waters danse

before we quench our love’s quickening thirst

in a solitary river that teems

with tears so very close my poor hart screams

this nibbling hart not mine but yours it seems

pink lips kiss petals on a pinker rose

if we dare awake from our slumbering

will such love justify such suffering

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 29 october 2012)


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