love is a dream of emptiness

love is a dream of emptiness

“…Grand maître en l’art d’aimer, tu te trompe bien fort,
En nommant le sommeil l’image de la mort…”

–Jacques Vallée Des Barreaux

all is not full here except emptiness
such wisdom crushed from fermenting cherries
the ambrosia of this hart that carries
remorseless  tears distilled of fickleness

between loves and hates little difference
to that hart of harts whose passion is pure
yin and yang are a knot that is secure
permanence rests beyond impermanence

suchness stumbles from lover to lover
in a labyrinth of pomegranates
being needs non-being to discover

the bliss of work completes the rest of bliss
it takes fire and ice to polish granite
your mantel binds my wounds with a dark kiss







mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 29 october 2012)

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