what the netherlands teach me…

what holland teaches me

(to barack obama)

“Leven zo zwaar woog op hem,

 maar zoals zo vaak gebeurt iedereen is nu vol lof,

 ook voor zijn talent.”

Theo van Gogh

take up your quill our drum your bow our sword

paint  the singing echoing in your hart

bowing your head we step beyond ourselves

lift up our cross your plow these hands your brush

sing the words burning in our hart of harts

kneeling you step deeper within these selves

melt down our pens your fife our spears your knife

as a child build us castles in the sand

opening your hart of  harts stand amidst the flames

break down your flutes our guns your shields our drones

as gods are particles are wave are bands

sounding your brass march us beyond war games

as socrates as jesus so our dark dreams

this poem a prayer our end justifies your means

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 01 novermber 2012)

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