A WISE OLDE WHITE WOLFE was always thirsty. There simply wasn’t enough snow on the crest of the ridge where he lived.  He was hungry for souls.  And even though the ridges below are always teeming with streams and rivers rich with golden trout, the lappings of the many coyotes and foxes below gave him indigestion. So he came up with a strategy to quech his unquenchable thirst. He would go and make an alliance with the king of the foothill coyotes of the prince of the prairie foxes. He would sue for peace between himself and his lords and make peace with all his subjects.  He would open the gates and invite his subjects into his palace.

Their combined efforts would create something forever new, the wonderment of synergy, the miracle of being unalone – the same but different!

…further up is futher in…dafree whitewolfe (with gratitude to dafree dawn-child)…..^^~~~~~

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