are not all swans white*

are not all swans white*

(to murray millson)

“The many become one and are increased by one.”

–Alfred  North Whitehead

as some tubers bloom so others do not

yet the flame in the rose of roses burns bright

beyond mystery and discovery

yin tears silver into compassionate harts

as some tulips emerge so others do not

coolness blossoms fusion on stiller waters

within discovery is mystery

yang weaves gold into its more radiant minds

as tiger lilies thrive on lotus petals

or hadrons flee their disambiguous souls

so wisdom thrones on horns of dharma fools

one love emerges these supercilious sparks

that swan suffers misery this swan creates

so crueler love loving cruel love masturbates

are not all swans mere gradients of one light

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 03 november 2012 published @


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One Response to are not all swans white*

  1. fabulous poem, gorgeous photograhph!


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