do you know apollinaire, mademoiselle?

do you know apollinaire, mademoiselle?


“Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches…”


je suis povrette et ancienne

although we once gave you a gilded  rose

we do not love  you as such but something

more than death distills from our velvet lips

such fragrance requires subtle harmony

qui  rien ne sçay

love as we are is not a solitaire

gem but a chemical star melting midnight

whose hips birth both full moons and crimson tides

the tight scent of musk  igniting stardust

je suis povrette et ancienne

although you once shattered  my diamond snake

we love you not for such but for nothing

less than what unfurls from your sordid kiss

such naiveté suckles  dark  mendacity

qui  rien ne sçay

whose hand  is it resting on this vacant chest

if not yours  then our children remain unblest

we are not if  we forget  apollinaire

“Sois sage, ô ma doleur, et tiens-toi plus tranquille…”


mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 22 november  201

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2 Responses to do you know apollinaire, mademoiselle?

  1. …merci beaucoup mon amie…^^~~~~~


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