shiva’s shakti (meditation on Antoine de Chandieu)

shiva’s shakti

(sarasvati chants to shiva)

“….for I was amazed
Under the tide: but now I breathe again

Aloft the flood, and can give audience

To any tongue, speak it of what it will.”


my other self so my brighter beloved

all our other names do us but violence

as i languish lacking your virility

so your anguish quickens my fertility

my song is nothing without your silence

such wonder as you are not is my grace

wonderment thriving on bitter transgression

astonishment striving for sweeter compassion

such wisdom completes the fullness of space

so lead me on with devious conceits

starlit waters dansing teach my hart bright lies

drown my truth blind with your seraphic eyes

so lead me on with labyrinth deceits

your grace must wander through such unknown fields

is it you or me transfiguring our love

what meaning has a raven without a dove

neither way nor both one ancient hart yields

to more compassion loving more passion

then unbroken harts dreaming are neither mine

nor yours nor both but one hart of harts divine

transfiguration blessing transgression

my pole star your siren reflects your darkest dreams

come sweetness danse upon a flood of bitter tears

such trusting flows beyond truer hopes falser fears

one hart transfigures silver seas into golden streams

my brighter beloved so my darker self

so in such glory our love a blissful river

baptizing stony harts wherein rich goodness lies

one hart gains by such pains wherein shakti dansing dies

light reveals dark love is nothing if not forever

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 13 november 2012)

Antoine de Chandieu  (1534-1591)

Qu’as tu ? pauvre amoureux…

Qu’as tu ? pauvre amoureux, dont l’âme demi morte

Soupire des sanglots au vent qui les emporte.

N’accuse rien de toi.

Ton mal est ton désir,

Et ce dont tu te plains, est ton propre plaisir.

Tu n’as autre repos que ce qui te tourmente,

Et t’éjouis au mal dont tu vas soupirant,

Buvant ce doux-amer qui t’enivre et qui rend

Ton plaisir douloureux et ta douleur plaisante.

what do you have? poor lovers…

what do you  have? poor lovers, whose souls are half dead

sighing such sobs as the wind carries away

i blame you for nothing

your evil is your desire

and your desire gives both pain and pleasure

you have no other rest than this which torments you

and your joy in the pain that gives you sighs

drinking on such bitter-sweetness makes you drunk

and your pleasure bitter and your sorrow sweet

(translation mecvalentine 11 november 2012)

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2 Responses to shiva’s shakti (meditation on Antoine de Chandieu)

  1. amazing poem. thanks for sharing!


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