advent awakenings

advent awakenings

”Gales of laughter wailed with pleasure moans and lifted up inside…

….Storm born and morning broke  leave  the earth so barren beautiful.”
-Mazie Lane

Christ_of_Saint_John_of_the_Crosssomewhere deeper than indigo oceans

gathering to a greatness beyond plainsong

something beyond incense and sacraments

hiding in the belly of a white whale

wider than the receding horizon

as vulnerable as an advent child

within the splintering light of diamonds

conspicuous as a white tiger

an albatross broods on a golden egg

resting in a nest that is the last wave

lifting her bright wings cracks the known kosmos

a platinum tide floods the blue horizon

riding the crest of this crazy stallion

an archangel trumpets once and always

the logos of wonder beyond mere words

that black messiah suckles this blue rose

purity and golden fluidity

reign from god’s ivory throne already

the apocalypse of ages never ends

reconciling the lion and the lamb

….oh come, oh come immanuel and ransom captive israel..

 black maddona


mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 25 november 25, 2001, revised 1 december 2012)

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