Advent Meditation II – The Virgin of Guadalupe

a black madonna

(an advent meditation)

“…But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart…”

                                                -Luke 2.19


we meditate

we embrace

we cherish

all things holy

my dark love

we celebrate

innocence burning bright in infant eyes

selfless love nurturing selfish love within

gothic cathedrals candling deathless shadows

we cherish

we contemplate

we embrace

all sentient beings

my black rose

we elevate

votive stars perfecting insufficiency

one hart drumming leading all pilgrim harts home

as three magi prepare an empty manger

we embrace

we cherish

we anticipate

such untarnished things

my dark queen

we consecrate

our pilgrim harts with blissful tears of stardust

purple novenas swaddling saintly sorrows

snowy waters transfiguring love stained harts

an unborn king


a virgin queen

love christening love

perceives truth

unveiling beauty

a black madonna dansing beyond sorrow

conceives a messiah suckling on her breasts

“Hail holy queen

mother of mercy

our life our sweetness and our hope…”


mark emmanuel christopher valentine
(© 2 december  2006, revised 3 december 2012 )

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