autumns symphonies

oh my shekinah

(to my rose of sharon)


אלוהים אמר למשה, אני מי שאני. . זה מה שאתה רוצה לומר לבני ישראל: “אני שלח אותי אליך.'”`

יציאת מצרים

still before stardust melts into snowflakes once again

yet after snowflakes melt once morley into tulips

still etching this solo hart that is uniquely ours

even then that poet maudit shall chant to this rose


tat tvam asi om mani padme hum asi tvam tat


before snowflakes into stardust still once again melts

after tulips into snowflakes once morely melt yet

etching this uniquely solo hart that still is ours

then this poet maudit shall even chant to that rose


asi tvam tat om mani padme hum tat tvam asi


stardust melts snowflakes into before once again still

snowflakes melt morely into tulips after yet

still that solo hart is ours still uniquely etching

this poet maudit to that even  rose shall chant then


 tat tvam asi om mani padme hum asi tvam tat



oh my shekinah you are mine but i knew it not

still before yet after our hart is even this rose


chétien marc valentin

(© 12 mai 2014)

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