autumns symphonies

deeper within you

(for my shekinah)


while wandering amidst those memories

deep within shadowy arms of ancient trees capitulations become victories

stumbling on branches we become falling leaves


beyond tomorrows  yesterdays glimmer


amidst these vanities while wandering

inside your ancient arms my shadows sing

supplications become  tears laughing

dansing on feathers as larks dawn we wing


within yesterdays tomorrows shimmer


while stumbling amidst these mendacities

far beyond the roots of undying trees

caterpillars unveil mysteries

emerging leaves chanson our timeless pleas


inside tomorrows yesterdays flitter


amidst such complexities while crying

outside my ancient arms your shadows wing

reconciliations are transformations

feathers dansing doves  on dusk we sing


outside yesterdays tomorrows stutter


while nightingales spread divine mysteries

as tifereth wings beyond our crossings

so trivialities unfold majesties

deeper within such words as these you may find me


beyond our yesterdays  and tomorrows  we flutter



chrétien marc valentin

(© 13 mai 2014)

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