autumns symphonies

bonne nuit – exposition

(a master in nothing absent his margarita)


“…there is no darkness greater than ignorance,,,”



that voltaire wants us to remember our atrocities

having such memories return is not intoxicating

as to a greedy rinpoche so to a clay roman pope

seven plus six is thirteen is just too excruciating

this marquis de sade celebrates our obscenities


beyond  full moons sail within deeper waters


that sartre writes to dismember our hypocrisies

as beauty is not neither one nor two nor three so

miras and marks  play this cheap yamaha  everythings

crushing black oligarchs into ivory theresas saintly


within deeper waters drift ever fuller moons beyond  this


leaping from philosophies into musicalities

we get lost inside tori amos thundering not infamously

if you are not two nor we not three then where is one is

where is morely who crushes solos into cacophonies


within deeper  waters  drift rounder moons beyond moonsdrifts


such words as these are intoxicating and become vanities

long ago before fiona apple decayed  into  laura marling

these oberon are titanias are unworthy troubadours wishing

amidst midsummer dreams those pucks  observing silly sensualities


are not  dragonflies forever becoming butterflies as all honey  bees intuit


what do these noisy words mean  to  still unborn sprites and faeries

between twelve magical keys ten uneven  fingers  are still distractions

recalling atrocities teaching  us unevenly  passions are compassions

such variations as these  transfigure  those transgressions  remorselessly


so absent such au de as vie upon your tulips as yours upon mine then so

oberons must sail apocalypses because titanias danse solo upon  still waters



chrétien  marc valentin

(© 17 mai 2014)

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