duets with other poets

a duet with diwata in lalaland

“All we know of love is that love is all there is.” -Emily Dickenson


I feel empty.
emptiness is a form of satiety
You have all of me.
of myself i only know that in your eyes
I live only for you.
for your soul mirrors our ancient longing
I crave for temporary emancipation.
does not inordinate desire forge a transgressive chain
I have to fill the emptiness with joy and love,
compassion is sometimes found in a martyr’s silver tears
By walking alone in the quiet night with short destination.
inside the sapphire womb outside destination moons and stars danse
Free from rules, responsibilities and relentless emotions.
‘…freedom is chosen bondage…’ as ‘…the more we love the more we suffer…’
Strongly tied by cosmic thread, I can pull myself back.
resistance is futile as the cosmic virgin and her unicorn reveal
You are destined for my unconditional love.
all we know about love is that unicorns redeem virgins
Love beyond words can describe.
amidst such radiant darkness silent bodhisattvas are chanting


om mani padme hum hum padme mani om om mani padme hum

chrtién marc valentin


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4 Responses to duets with other poets

  1. Wow! Am I reading the title correctly? I never thought of myself as a poet, maybe I am (now) 🙂
    I’m smiling ear to ear if you could only see.

    Thank you for posting my words in your page. 🙂


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