autumns symphonies – leonard cohen

the book of longing

(to Leonard Cohen, the lion)


“…Let us be lovers and loved ones,

The earth shall be left to no one.” -Yunus Emre


everyman hears your song

listens to your snowflakes

melting addictions becoming

butterflies become souvenirs


tel désir comme ca est sans fin


remerging convictions

words becoming afflictions

as everywoman knows

emptiness is love is


tel désir comme la c’est nôtre encore


love refining loving

pillages our convictions then as

souvenirs become dragonflies dansing so

our lusting lips melt snow into rivers as


tel désir comme la nôtre est sans fin toujours


everybody is lonely yet still unalone still yet

mirrors we perceive our souls in all dimensions while

darkly our lips dissect all false pretensions kissing

beginning il faut souffrir pour être beau toujours


toujours pour être belle il faut souffrir unending


bien-aimé tel désir comme la nôtre est sans fin bien-aimthebookoflong2

beloved such longing as ours is without ending beloved

chretién marc valentin

(©27 fevrier 2014/20 mai 2014)

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3 Responses to autumns symphonies – leonard cohen

  1. johncoyote says:

    I saw Cohen live in Germany in 1978-1979. He is the Poet of music. A great poem for the great man, poet and singer.


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