duets with other poets – abichica

Damned yet redeemed

(a duet with abichica)

“Bear with me cousin, for I was amazed

Under the tide: but now I breathe again

Aloft the flood, and can give audience

To any tongue, speak it of what it will.”

-Shakespeare (King John, IV. ii)


Rocking back and forth…

just because one is not sinking

Trapped in the corner sobbing…

does not mean one is not drowning

Trying to outrun the nightmare…

trapped in the undertow of a crushing surf

Incubus won’t vanish…

the leviathan drags all creatures into the abyss

Tormenting me day and night…

where we are encounter the monsters that lurk within

Keeping me in the hallows of fear…

until we remember that we are all children of mara

Eternally held captive…

immortally destined to danse upon raging waves

Damned to live in the horrid darkness…


until dark eurydice and bright orpheus have redeemed each other

chétien marc valentin (© 20 mai 2014)


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3 Responses to duets with other poets – abichica

  1. abichica says:

    This is beyond amazing.. Beyond lovely.. Thank you for the duet.. 😀


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