duets with other poets – bleeding butterflies

bleeding butterflies

(duet with other poets)

“…we and worlds are less alive than dolls and dream…” -e.e. Cummings


I thought about you again today

we think of you now so forever

As the breeze hit my face

so the solar wind lifts our wings

And the sun hid it’s light behind the mountains of this town

as we sail solo into undiscovered sacred mountains beyond the moon

Am i lonely?

strangers penetrating ever stranger wombs

Is this why I keep longing

since before aristhopanes we have been seeking

For a stranger like you?

seeking for a stranger like me

Is it the unknown I find intriguing?

simplicity infinitely infatuated with multiplicity

The fantasy of the feelings you’ll stir up within me?

the infinite cobwebs our imaginations spinning outside we

I can’t give you a face or a name

nor can we perceive you nor you us

But somedays I like to think

somenight your soul will eclipse ours

That somewhere,

inside this space deeper outside this time

You’re longing for a stranger like me too.

a stranger whispers your will find us further up and further in


butterflies bleeding metamorphosing lemniscuses fluttering

chrétien marc valentin (© 20mai 2014)

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