duets with other poets – BE LIKE WATER

 Over the world’s rim



“…thus the glimpses of the moon, Making night hideous, and we fools of nature So horridly to shake our disposition With thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls?”

                                                -Shakespeare (Hamlet I.iii)


Over the world’s rim, drawing bland November

                sailing the womb amidst april showering

Reluctant behind them, drawing the moons of cold:

            ambivalence  before us stardust paints roses bold

What do their lonely voices wake to remember

            do not these petals bloom unremembering

In this dust ere ’twas flesh? what restless old

            whose hand crushes ancient ashes into gold

Dream a thousand years was safely sleeping

            a timely prince dreams as a timeless princess sleeps

Wakes my blood to sharp unease? what horn

            such quickens  anxiety such sharpens longing

Rings out to them? Was I free once, sweeping

            paints nothing if not  dreaming with a vast sweep

Their wild and lonely skies ere I was born?

            our canvas remains incomplete still unborning

The hand that shaped my body, that gave me vision,

            those sorcerous hands know endless revisions

Made me a slave to clay for a fee of breath.

            painting us shades of grey with a feather brush

Sweep on, O wild and lonely: mine the derision,

            swept wildly freely its dissatisfactions

Then the splendor and speed, the cleanness of death.

            wonder unfolds wonderment death completes birth

Over the world’s rim, out of some splendid noon,

            sailing the womb through mountains on wondrous moons

Seeking some high desire, and not in vain,

as truth carves beauty so pleasures crave pains

They fill and empty the red and dying moon

            as emptiness completes fullness once so soon

And, crying, cross the rim of the world again.

so always sailing the womb transforms pains into gains

further up and futher in...^^~~~~~

chrétien marc valentiin (© 21 mai 2014)



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