TEN WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again – The First Bead

TEN WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again

(With Commentary By Christen Lore Weber)  

“…I wash myself with snow water…”

                 -Job 9.30



 The First Bead

always beloved i am already unfolding you

in the seamless expanse of the solitary north i am as the pole star

no longer wandering through virginal snows nor over trackless ice

for ten thousand years i was as one wandering, hunting, seeking, howling  

who i am is he who is lost beyond the shadows beneath the silvery moon

 i am he who once searched for the white wolfe  

following unnamed rivers whose beginnings are lost

beneath unnamed glaciers high on still undiscovered mountains

my always babbling mind is still now as shattering ice flows adrift

and my always dansing heart is silent now as stones resting beneath laughing waters  

i cannot find the white wolfe nor can the white wolfe find me



I have an instinct about the beads, the sphere, the unending, the breath that quiets and holds spirit suspended and centered. Here is the gaze, the pole star, the focus and center where all begins and ends. Here is the center and the circumference, the round moment that also is eternal. Here is the unseeing that also is the keenest sight. The effort of searching has ceased. The white wolfe stands still, one with the ice, one with the snow, one with the self, and because of oneness—invisible.


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