TEN WHITE BEADS – The Third Bead

TEN  WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again

(With Commentary by Christen Lore Weber)

“…I wash myself with snow water…”

-Job 9.30


further up and futher in...^^~~~~~


i hear the song of my beloved reflected in crystal waters


the night is rich with wonders the north wind is whispering

white waters are always rushing toward infinite seashores

the spawning salmon are already returning to discover rebirth

even amidst such whiteness the white wolfe cannot hide from her

amidst such radiant darkness she unveils her mysteries to me


what poet can sing of such splendor and magicke as is mirabai



I’m taken with the roundness of this poem, the circularity of each image. Also — “mirabai” evokes wonder, making me think of mirabile dictu. The word (as well as the woman) who completes the circle. Here the beloved becomes a real woman, the mystic counterpart of the poet, the mirror in which soul can be seen clearly, the song of being that begins with “her” but echoes in the waters, the wind, the snows, everywhere. And the white wolfe, the purity of the mystic’s soul, is called forth. The hope of returning is in rebirth, in the sacred spiral, in the circle of being that the mystic embodies. There is no essential difference between the soul and the beloved. They manifest at the connection point, the binding of the circle, the winding of the sacred song, the return of the salmon to the stream of its birth.



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