duets with other poets – Adjata

the path to santiago de compostella

“…she doesn’t know her friend has come…”
-Leonard Cohen (Book of Longing)

Every thing is Fresh now
always we begin again so

After so many springs winters
some things change as others do not

There are no pawprints in the snow
the path before us is pathless

Many tears shed for want of you
our book of longing incomplete

Restless nights
tranquil moons

A relentlessly recurring phrase
a remorselessly emerging chant

Haunted me till now
teases us to danse

Emptiness IS clarity
clarity is completeness

Twin Flames an Illusion
one ancient hart falling

(Bring it on!)
(pilgrims forth)

My precious Beloved is
my gentle beloved we
are nothing without you

tat twam asi asi twam tat tat twam asi


Adjata is
dafree whitewolfe

chrétien marc valentin
(© 26 mai 14)

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