duets with other poets – Frausto

the ginsberg gangsta of the ghetto

“…only one in ten knows how to die and stay dead…”

                                                -Lao Tzu


and they say he spoke in two tongues, armed like two guns…

but is he not rather a polyglot or maybe a semiotic wizard

UP(s)::urban po’E.Tree(s) formerlyof the lonely lost dark empty

a prophet poet and priest with a taste for expression beyond  oppression

author of poetic ethnography,poetic syncretism, and notions.

a troubadour singing not about a bigger happiness but emptiness

p03try, mus1c, ph0+0graphy, 3duca+10n, +3chn0l0gy, ar+, c0m1c$ 

a living well so deep as to remember that mythology trumps technology


dafree whitewolfe follows such @frau5t0poET

chrétien marc valentin

(© 24 mai  2014)

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