TEN WHITE BEADS – the sixth bead

TEN  WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again

(With Commentary by Christen Lore Weber)

“…I wash myself with snow water…”

-Job 9.30



if you seek the white wolfe as relentlessly wandering as have i

slowly walking ten thousand circles through trackless snows

eventually you will find your way home again to your beloved

the whisper of her voice will flute you through all delusions

your depth and span measuring sorrow in snowflakes falling

from eternity higher love melting love always again reforms emptiness into clarity

if you hear the high sweet harmony above the snowflakes falling

if you see the overtones in the starlight behind the moon dansing

there you will find me as i always am in the arms of my  beloved



Again that wondrous circularity, achieved by a combination of repetition and syntax: The spirals can be felt in the way the lines and words move. Entering the pace of the lines, I feel my own energies begin to spiral along with the words until I am like liquid or air moving deeply upwards (to use your elegant paradox).

Also expansive is the mystic’s invitation here to interchange sense impressions:

To “see overtones.”

To “measure sorrow in snowflakes falling” and to see the overtones of the snowflakes in the stars beyond the moon, brings together the greatest sorrow with the greatest joy so all opposites are reconciled and the eternal union with the beloved is once again recognized.


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1 Response to TEN WHITE BEADS – the sixth bead

  1. K. A. Brace says:

    Hello, I think I owe you an apology. In fact I do. I won’t make excuses for sounding abrupt with you, but reading messages never tells the recipient the speakers body language or inflections in their voice which are so important to communication.

    First I can be rather put back by people who ask direct and blanket questions such as “who r u?” I have a thing about text words that put me off, but to ask such an overreaching question without proper introductions piques at me.

    Second, while I hold poetry to have a mystical quality to it, as I feel all art does when done well and with true intent behind it. But I do not see any poet as mystical. I believe in a world of small myths and destinies to a point. I believe their are people who are wise beyond understanding but no one is mystical, least of all myself.

    Third, my tersness at people speaking about the sacred cup of poetry does not move me at all. There is nothing sacred in life other than the life of anything that inhabits this world. As well, I may have mistaken your phrase ‘already walking in your footprints,’ in the wrong way. I am no one special and would rather talk to people than admirers which is how I interppreted your comments–a slight hubris of mine, but not unwarranted as I am told many things by many people. It is my poetry I want held in esteem not me. I am not trying to become a personality, simply a person living out their full potential as best they find a way along the journey.

    Fourth, my connection to Oscar Wilde does go deeper. I have always been a great admirer of him as a person and a writer as well as a soul born out of synch with time.

    I hope you will accept this as an apology/explanation. I invite you to contact me if you wish but understand if I have become a persona non gartis. Best >KB


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