autumns symphonies – mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise i

mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise

(an eastering meditation)

movement i

“…When the ass saw the angel of YHVH,

it pressed close to the wall, crushing Balaam’s foot against it.

So Balaam beat his ass again…”

-Numbers 22:25


veheyah Yahweh veheyah


there comes a space in time where everything is narrow

where there are no more choices to be made that matter

and we have no other choice other than to surrender


so in the names of the mothers and the fathers

in de namen van de moeders en vaders

dans les noms des mères et des pères


i surrender all that we can be once again so forever

ik geef alles wat zoals we weer dus kan altijd worden

je me rends tout ce que nous pouvons être encore une fois donc toujours


there comes a time in space where everything is empty

where the only choice that matters is to choose not to choose

and we discover in surrendering our wills we finally hear tiger lilies blooming


my creatures we are manifest once again still but not yet loving love

mijn wezens die we zijn weer manifesteren nog steeds maar nog niet liefhebben

mes créatures nous sont manifestent une fois de plus encore mais pas encore l’amour affectueux


as then so now and always our suffering nests within your nubian womb

als dan zo nu en altijd ons lijden nesten binnen uw nubile schoo

comme à l’époque donc maintenant et toujours nos nids de souffrance au sein de votre sein virginal foncé


there was a space in time when everything was simple

there where there are infinite choices that seem to matter

and we had no other choice other than to become immortal lovers


as lazarus was i asleep so awake we will be again as methuselallah

zo lazarus was ik in slaap dus wakker zullen we weer zo methuselallah

comme lazare était i endormi si éveillé nous serons à encore comme methuselallah


as i was dreaming within our dark luminosity

zoals ik binnen onze donkere helderheid droomde

comme je l’ai rêvé dans notre luminosité foncée


so there will be a time in space where nothing reveals itself

like a chariot of fire chasing not stallions but unicorns

as the maidens step out of the tapestry into truth unfolding


so then as now and always our dissonance shatters all recantations


chrétien marc valetin

(© 24 avril 2014)

(movement ii follows tomorrow)

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