celebrating wine – neruda iii (to ajata)

ODA A VINO, dénoument

(English Translation Below)

Pero no solo amor,

beso quemante

o corazón quemado

eres, vino da vida,


amistad de los seres, transparencia,

coro de disciplina,

abunddancia de flores.

Amo sobre une mesa,

Cuando se habla,

La luz de una botella

De inteligente vino.

Que lo beban,

que recuerden en cada

gota de oro

o cucara de púrpura

que trabajó el otono

hasta llenar de vino las vasijas

y aprenda el hombre oscuro,

en el ceremonial de su negocio,

a recordar la tierra y sus deberes,

a propagar el cántico del fruto.


ode to wine, dénoument

(to adjata)

“I am the vine, you are the branches.

If you remain in me and I in you,

you will bear much fruit; apart

from me you can do nothing.”

-John 15.5

but not merely love

kissing burning

so igniting the hart

you are the living wine


companionship transparency

chorus of devotion

super abundance of flowers

i love the light of a bottle

of intelligent wine

upon a table

when lovers are communing

that drinking it they

that in each drop of gold

or draught of purple

they remember

that autumn toiling

until the barrels are overflowing

so let the obscure soul apprehend

in the ceremony of its ritual seeking

to not forget the good earth and our obligations

to propagate the canticle of the living vine

(translated by chrétien marc valentin, © 29 mai 2014)

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