gully good synergy – a gully goddess

a gully goddess

(for my french muse, kamila lawad)

“I want to fill the silence with all the words I have not yet spoken.”

-Amy Tan



si  je tomberais de la montagne

would opposites attract or conflict

should we not complement each other or

would you not complete me as i complete your


si je tomberais de la montagne

if you believe opposites attract

that obsessions and transgressions are

oneness but i am not sure of all that we see

is gully

si je tomberais de la montagne

it is because we  see you manipulating

us not manipulating we who are not

we are if  not the dreams we are dreaming as such

is goodness

si je tomberais de la montagne

if we do not hope for foolish things such as

should you sleep with me in a tent defies all

the moronic things men in grey suits preach

si je tomberais de la la montagne

is it less than good

si je tomberais de la montage

if once you betray my dream of you that you

never betray your dream  of me loving you

than we dissolve back into dark ignorance

si toi tomberais de la montage

is that more than gully


si nous tomberions de la sacre montage

such is a gully goddess as

we fade into footprints on snowy drifts or

shadows of ghosts haunting eternal dreams or

the archer eternally tuning the violin’s string

so as footprints on foamy sands we remember as

si nous tomberions de la sacre coeur

are we not such gully goodness if we do not such

now so are we not then shadows dreamers’ weave

kisses transforming worms not into butterflies

not the living buddha

nor dragonflies

nor the undying christ

nor butterflies but

just one fugitive moment arjuna seals kwan yin with a kiss

such gullygoodess is then ours

once we fall from the ship we sail upon the kosmic sea

where dragonflies melt into nightingales winging

into larks ascending singing butterflies into

wonderment that sequoias were once seedlings even so

icebergs melting foreshadow ever new beginnings

such gullygoodness is still not yet ours

comme nous tomberions  de la sacre montagne

chrétien marc valentin

(© 29 mai 2014)

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