TEN WHITE BEADS – the ninth bead

TEN  WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again

(With Commentary by Christen Lore Weber)

“…I wash myself with snow water…”

-Job 9.3



we can never take too many steps nor run too far

the journey however long is always over before we start

if you would find your way home you must leave everything

you must be willing to sacrifice everything you cherish

the way within the way lies through the white expanse of getting unlost


bloody rivers unite grizzly teeth hungry for spawning salmon


we wander until all thoughts and all desires crystallize fire within ice

until all lost memories are lost within all feelings of hope lost in despair


all such things fall as suchness into forests filled with shadowy dreams

therein which is herein clarity that is and is not fluidity embraces a red moon

within but beyond faith a radiant darkness shines that is and is not transparency

beyond grasping is she who burning transforms suffering into snowflakes falling



Eliot again: “The end of all our exploring will be to arrive at the place we started and to know it for the first time.” Our finite existence is, it turns out, imprinted upon the eternal, the timeless, beginning and ending simultaneously, forever. The journey takes place, as Eliot also says, “at the intersection of time with the timeless.” All mystics arrive intuitively at this place, the place of grace and transformation “within but beyond faith.”


(tenth bead follows tomorrow)

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