autumns symphonies – mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise iii

mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise

(an eastering meditation)

movement iii


in the infinite womb of his sacred hart of unbroken hart

eternally catching his beloved in the limbs of undying love

is she not always awakening amidst the glory of her prince of peace

is not each creature just a solitary star amidst one darkly vast womb or

is niet elk schepsel alleen een eenzame ster temidden van een donker enorme schoot of

n’est pas chaque créature juste une étoile solitaire au milieu d’une sombre vaste matrice ou

is not our love merely always less than such leprous words as these

is niet onze liefde alleen maar altijd minder dan die melaats woorden zoals deze

est ni notre amour simplement toujours moins que ces mots lépreux que ceux-ci

whose harp charms immortal bathseba into david’s kingly arms

whose dragonfly wings are the chiral images of the divine lemiscate

are we not such as we are merely mirrors of anthony and celopatra

so then even now my feet once shards of clay must become as feathers

dus dan ook nu mijn voeten eens scherven van klei dient als veren worden

alors même maintenant mes pieds une fois tessons d’argile doivent devenir comme des plumes

within yet outside the vaster sphere of seraphim wings

binnen nog buiten de uitgestrekter gebied van serafijnen vleugels

dans l’instant en dehors de la sphère plus vaste des ailes de séraphins

there are turtledoves whose beauty redeems all creatures

where glory smiles upon an abyss of sapphire sorrows

a meeting place awaits us amidst a still undiscovered paradise

there posterity sensually reincarnate all love endlessly

er nageslacht sensueel reïncarneren alle liefde eindeloos

là-bas postérité réincarner sensuellement tout amour infini

here i tenderly bury my broken hart within this empty tomb

hier ik begraaf mijn gebroken hart binnen deze lege graf

ici je enterrer tendrement mon coeur brisé dans ce tombeau vide

here in this garden where innocence and experience kiss

where there is finite love our lusts unchain liberty

there in that meeting place the victimizers and victims embrace

if once then perhaps forever the golden ram has two sacred horns


(movement iv follows tomorrow)

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2 Responses to autumns symphonies – mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise iii

  1. I love the image of creatures as solitary stars. Beautifully written.


    • Merci beaucoup. The concept of creatures as stars arises, for me, out Catholic Mystical Theology which has little or nothing to do with Roman Dogma. It is also found implicit in Kabbalah & perhaps in Milton too! ^^~~~~


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