TEN WHITE BEADS – the tenth bead

TEN  WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again

(With Commentary by Christen Lore Weber)

“…I wash myself with snow water…”

-Job 9.3



wilde and free as i already always am running beyond the sacred packe

forever lurking in the shadows of all creatures high and low still eager for the kill

i am da free white wolfe who devours the weak minded and faint hearted

i sacrifice all unworthiness to she who encircles the silvery moon in a river of blood

i use no magick other than a love that is endlessly and without effort reborn unbroken

now even now the antlers of the reindeer that i have slain point toward a pregnant moon

she who danses within the flaming snowflakes holds me in an integral embrace



“I am da free white wolfe.” When I originally looked at the mystic poet’s iconic name, dafree whitewolfe, I felt puzzled. Did he mean “the free”? But I believed he must mean more than that. “DA” recalls T.S. Eliot again, his enigmatic “Waste Land.” The Thunder speaks: “DA,” from the Sanskrit. It is the voice of God, the Thunder-God. And it repeats the three imperatives of the Upanishad: DATTA – “give” DAYADHVAN – “sympathize, cooperate, accept the others.” DAMYATA – “control” In Eliot’s work these are the principles of life upon which the waste land, or the crumbed civilization can be rebuilt. And at this point I am brought back to the poet’s repetition of “da-nses”—an oblique but powerful repetition of the sacred DA, lifting the divine ballet to the Wisdom of the Creator who danses the world, old and new and holy at its core, into being. Eliot’s poem ends with the tolling of “SHANTIH” – the peace which surpasses understanding. It is not difficult for the reader to anticipate this peace in the poet’s invocation of “she who danses within the flaming snowflakes (who) holds me in an integral embrace.” In the chain of associations, this “she” becomes all the women in one: Mirabai the Beloved, the poet’s mystic soul, the dark beloved of the moon, and Holy Uncreated Wisdom in whom all is present and contained in eternal love.


(dénoument/conclusion follows tomorrow!)

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