autumns symphonies – mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise iv

mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise

(an eastering meditation)


The_Lady_and_the_unicorn_Desire mon seul desir

and the maidens will step out of the tapestry into majesty

like a chariot of fire chasing not stallions but unicorns

as there is no time nor space where nothing manifests as something


my beloveds we are neither beginning nor ending nor both

mijngeliefdenwezijn niet begin noch niet eindnoch niet beide

mes bien-aimés nous sommes ni commencement ni fin ni tous les deux


the true story of all such messiahs of timeless crucifixions is

het ware verhaal van al deze messiassen van tijdloze kruisigingen is

l’histoire vraie de tous les messies de crucifixions intemporels est


we have no other choice other than to become immortal lovers

here where there are finite choices that seem not to matter

there remains a secret garden here compassion refines charity where


is that platonic logos us are we not those three graceful marias dansing

ist dat platonische logos ons zijn we niet die drie bevallige marias dansen

est que logos platoniques ons sont ni nous nous sommes ces trois marias gracieux qui danse


we your prodigal children embrace our transfiguring cross

wij uw verloren kinderen onze transfigurerende kruis omarmen

nous vos enfants prodigues embrassons notre croix transfigurante


and we discover in surrendering our wills we finally smell tulips on fire

in gethsemane where the only choice is to choose nothing if not love

as we understand that an unbroken hart emptis ripe to love unconditionally


such soft words studded with iron nails smelt sorrows into not mere joy but bliss

dergelijke zachte woorden bezaaid met ijzeren nagels spiering verdriet in niet louter vreugde maar gezelligheid

ces mots doux à clous de fer douleurs éperlan dans pas simple joie mais le bonheur

this bright numinosity ever probing  the wisdom of  solomon

deze heldere numinositeit ooit de wijsheid van salomo indringende

ce numinosité lumineux jamais sonder la sagesse de salomon


and this bliss having no other choice other than to surrender

where there are no more choices to be made that matter

here is the meeting place where the palace walls are narrowing


if once then always like cherubim beneath gossamer dragonfly wings

(movement v, dénoument follows tomorrow)

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