TEN WHITE BEADS – dénoument

TEN  WHITE BEADS – Always We Begin Again

(With Commentary by Christen Lore Weber)

“…I wash myself with snow water…”

-Job 9.3



always we are already beginning again


it is better to never begin your journey if you think you will find your end

compassion arises relentlessly and without effort redeeming all with destruction

filling the retreating darkness with unrequitable love i am the unborn reborn continuously


i stand amidst snowflakes in the footprints of a white wolfe hunting

the footprints are my own and i the flame dansing in the burning ice







snowflakes are already always gently melting on a bodhisattva’s cheeks


already my beloved i am always enfolding you


mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© January 10, 2005)


              “Already always…” The essence of the journey “at the still point of the turning world.”

                                              “Already always…” “Where the [danse] is”

                                              “Already always… I am … enfolding you.”

Commentary by Christin Lore Weber

(© November 12, 2006)

(note: this cycle of poems was written in space of about three hours in one afternoon in Haarlem, The Netherlands.  it is the purest poetry i have ever written given that I have never felt a compulsion to edit it.  it is intended to read and used as i use it: As a decade of ‘rosary’ meditations upon which to practice  Benedictine Lectio Divina, a spiritual exercise used to discipline the mind into deep insight into the nature of one’s own consciousness.  “Gnothi Seauton.”  it is recommended that the cycle be read from start to finish in one go before returning to it to read more contemplatively, a mirror for self-introspection.   Christen (sister greywolfe) is a former nun and author of “Circle of Mysteries” which I encountered some time after writing TWB.  Her books are available on AMAZON. …further up & further in…dafree whitewolfe)

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