autumns symphonies – mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise v

(this concludes this autumn symphony)

mirrors of a still undiscovered paradise

(an eastering meditation*)

v (dénoument)


giving us no other true choice but to embrace one another

if we do otherwise we return our souls to dream beneath the netherlands

to drink bitter tears until we recall there is no light brighter than the wisdom


that our broken harts unfolding and unbroken harts emerging are one

dat onze gebroken hartjes ontvouwen onze ongebroken harts zijn een

que nos cœurs brisés qui se déroulent et nos cœurs ininterrompues émergents sont un


this hart of hart refining all creatures with a love beyond our dreams of machines

dit hart van herten raffinage alle schepselen met een liefde voorbij onze dromen van machines

ce cœur des coeurs affiner toutes les créatures d’un amour au-delà de nos rêves de machines


yahweh Veheyah yahweh


this lover surrendering to those beloveds cannot stop this love loving that love loving this love forever

deze liefertje overgevend aan die geliefden liefdevolle deze wezens als liefde verfijnt liefde altijd

cet amant céder à ces bien-aimés aimer ces créatures que l’amour affine amour toujours


as then so now and always our consonance transfigures  all supplications



yahweh Veheyah yahweh


‘“…The angels of YHVH asked Balaam,

“Why have you beaten your ass these three times?

I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me…”

-Number 22:32


“…they brought the ass to Jesus and threw their cloaks over it…

and he rode into Jerusalem upon as ass and went into the Temple….”

-Mark 11 :7-11


Veheyah Yahweh Vehayeh

chrétien marc valetin

(© 24 avril 2014)

* Easter has Seven Weeks or making is a Jubilee Right of Passage.  At the end of Easter is the Ascension of Christ followed by The Descent of the Holy Spirit)

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