duets with other poets – coda to diwata

duets with other poets (coda)

(to diawata in lalaland)

no self-portraits for you

as these words are our lies

they do not tell our truths

no pictures for you as they also do not sing

alors tu moi baiser le moyen français s’il vous plaît

so fuck me the french way if you please

si’l vous plait if it pleases you that

nous sommes ennuyés au-delà des larmes avec perversité

it is our secret and only desire

se cacher rien de juste toi et vous nos bien-aimés

is it our way within your ways of love loving love that

are not all these paths paths that lead to nothingness so you are


are you not so darling in the mean-time are not we ma cherie so

allow please me to ask you to fuck me the french way

with words piled into sentences

into paragraphs beyond novels

into cervantes beyond eternal dantes

so scandously as with transgressive poetry so

our poetry advertises our passions

impregnating all creatures with that

this undying prospero forever seeking

a star-crossed lover seeking a star-crossed caliban

on this terra firma of this our undying earth

just once so now a kiss from my immortal beloved

il hou van je schaatje altijd

i wil om jou heen gezijn


marc chrétien valentin

(©5 juni 2014)

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3 Responses to duets with other poets – coda to diwata

  1. “so fuck me the french way if you please”

    That’s so powerful but beautiful beyond words 🙂

    I felt the emotions line by line…


    • lol! u know after posting this i was afraid i had offended u. i just now found the courage to read & respond! ur poem BS gave me pause as it forced me to realize vulgarity is also a color in my quill but one i had never used: so i took what for me is a very ugly phrase & warped it into something like beautiful bs i hope! stay in touch beautiful poet! ^^~~~~


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