duets with other poets – diwatainlalaland

Beautiful Shithole

this magic cesspool

(duet with diwata)

“…there is a crack in everything…”

-Leonard Cohen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e39UmEnqY8





apocalyptically annihilatingly


recompressing this black hole


is dying is not nothing if not a

Mystery how you can get through the day with just a pocket full of rainbow,

yet another enigma lightening bursting into raindrops forming

amethyst frustrations 

sapphire aspirations

That can’t afford anything for an empty stomach,

so impoverished we masticate our hungry ghosts

And so you fill it with air that you swallowed while laughing

as that belching smoke spiraling is are we not dansing on a wheel of fire

Laughing about the sorrow and dirt on your hands,

so sighing through victories rivers of tears cleanse our harts

You wash every day,

our ritual obligation

And again,

once more again

this tragic whirlpool

Until you can.

but we cannot

You bury your pain and sorrow through the smile of those you love.

this black hole remains baptizing all we who endure such sufferings

suchness enduring the grimace of blindness hating not

The smile,

that femme fetale  

Enough to be alive in this beautiful shithole

even as a corpse haunting this fermenting cesspool

A place you call your home.

moments we call memories

Sooth your pain.

these anodyne waters


Wait in vain.

for something not nothing must

Keep dreaming with grace.

and so gracefulness blossoms

amidst snowflakes falling

Hope and embrace,

desire and retrace

Even with a trace of broken promises.

so even so our hart of harts becomes unbroken

Same faces,

singular eyes

Same agenda,

unique variations

Same lies.

unfolding truths dubiously

A perfect cycled vortex to hell and back,

a spiral of mysteries binding ariel to caliban

Until this beautiful shithole slides through the crack,

now so always this magic cesspool drains into the promised land

To the mouth of croc.

flowingly the  fountain of the rock

creatingly loving cracking consecratingly

livingly water descending into the womb of life



chrétien marc valentin

(© 05 juni 2014)

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3 Responses to duets with other poets – diwatainlalaland

  1. It is wonderful to fall into thinking of that promised land. Thank you for your beautiful words 🙂


    • nay! dank uw wel schaatje! when we share poetry we are already there! lol!


    • …i revisited my coda to you! i apologize! i can do better & u deserve my best effort…but it may take some time to probe the wound your sharply beautiful words cut into my scabby soul! 🙂 we write as the marquis de sade, blood is the ink in our quill! since until your solo ink-pot runs dry & beyond then sing about us, two poets crashing words into Wonderment!


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