the dutch mirror – the meeting place

the meeting place

(for my dutch mirror)

“Het verdriet zal eeuwig duren.”

Vincent van Gogh


the hart of my hart of harts

is zen water

silver clouds pregnant with the promise of rain

sweet teardrops falling free cauterize the pain

of  beauty yielding to truth’s senseless slaughter


my hart of harts unalone

as lyon’s stones

as morality beyond depravity

or mystery within luminosity

so tonglin stones ignite as daughters become crones


my hart

rests at lyon’s where your flesh kist mine

my feet do not resist tulips in the wind

these stones witness a love you cannot  rescind

sadness unlike tears cannot  be left behind

my hart remains

a yin stone stained with pure gold

kist with remorse temerity becomes cold


this hart  is angel wings

if not zen water


mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 30 october 2012)

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2 Responses to the dutch mirror – the meeting place

  1. EmBeth says:

    So, so gorgeous and painfully true. What a poem!


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