autumns symphonies – FOUR QUARTETS First Quartet

four quartets

first quartet – the rule of my beloved

(a psalm found within exile)

“…the sword of the heart master refines justice…..”

                                                                                -dafree whitewolfe 

thank you mirabai for loving us last


these words are addressed

to you my readers

as yesterday tomorrow is today

seeing a white wolfe howling to the moon

listening to the moon look beyond the stars

renounce first the delusions of all thoughts

addressed these words are

beloved to you

as yesterday then not tomorrow

pick up the sword of love’s fidelity

these are not kindly words

dewdrops softer than the softest spring rain

they are not happy words

lark songs winging starry luminescence

they are not gentle words

mahlerian themes wafting up mountains

they are not light words

laughter playing within foolish children

pick up the sword of love’s fidelity

they are not harsh words though

sharp pinnacles of unrequited love

though they are not sad words

earth sighing under god’s iron shod foot

they are not cruel words though

daggers serrating our crucified hearts

though they are not dead words

as crystalline swords entombed in blue ice

pick up the sword of love’s fidelity

words of love, these are my beloved’s words

the only noble rule is the rule of love

these are my beloved’s words, words of beauty

live your life in gratitude for love

charity is the sacred warrior’s path

abandon the search for wealth and power

all such ends begin in futility

abandon all false things for perfect love

all else dissolves in dull degradations

abandon the search for justice and truth

all mountains arise into emptiness

charity is the noble warrior’s way

tender fidelity to love’s center

as clouds resting beyond sacred mountains

the greater sword is wielded by love’s hand

the way transcending the unknowing way

demands transcendence of sorrow and bliss

as sacred mountains obscured within clouds

words of beauty these are my beloved’s words

the just rule is the sacred rule of love

these are my beloved’s words words of love

as crystal swords hidden in snow on ice

though they be living words

diamond honed on faithful hearts unbroken

be they wicked words though

heavy feet crush bright mountains to dust

though they be glad words

endless galaxies of newborn starlight

word within words as all these and more

foolish laughter playing within children

they are not as heavy as these

mountains wafting through mahlerian themes

they are not as brutal as these

radiant lions roaring while on the kill

they are not as tragic as these

silver dewdrops on velvet cut roses

beyond all cruel words gently whispering she

picks up love’s greater weapon that is love

beloved to you

addressing these words i am

she announces love growing in our hearts

i am her poet she sings as i wail

when love is endless beauty is endless

from beyond all boundaries she is calling

whispering in me as love whispers to you


thank you beloved for loving me first


mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© february 20, 2003, revised november 29, 2006)

(Second Quartet follows tomorrow)

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