autumns symphonies – FOUR QUARTETS Second Quartet

second quartet – the apostle of love

“…the cross of the hart master refines mercy…”

                                    -dafree whitewolfe



thank you mirabai for loving me first

these words are addressed

to you dear readers

tomorrow as yesterday and today

seeing a white wolfe howling at the moon

listening to the moon questioning the darkness

what does such commitment mean love refining love

addressed these words are

my poet to you

can we never cross the sacred way twice

as waters carve a canyon but once

destroying all impediments to love’s call

must we abandon loving in search of love

is the freedom of returning denied

as rain polishing jagged granite spires

falls into impenetrable darkness

the hungry womb thirsts for consuming fire

love devouring love what fidelity this

radical freedom rests in turbulence

as cloudy waters against shifting sands

the prowling wolfe is stillness in action

finding contentment in transformation

what does such commitment mean love refining love

the logos of love is my beloved’s song

victorious words of capitulation

my beloved is the apostle of love we

come to comfortable rest upon her white fangs we

journey through knowing beyond  unknowing

we leave the quest for salvation far behind

salvation is a mask beneath a mask

seeing love in all things we unveil love refining love

the end of all quests is condemnation

the warrior unmasked redeems but itself

the story of love’s guilt is love’s redemption

compassion is the way of the immaculate hart

gently it carves its way into our darkness

as clouds dissolving into soft rain

we become the sword of love’s becoming

knowing the unknowing way transcending

contraries resting in each other’s arms we

rivers slumbering beneath snowy fields

freedom slumbers in our womb of bondage

as broken swords temper swords unbroken

bondage conceives and gives birth to freedom

as cathedral spires carving living stones

metaphor is piled on metaphor that love

the slave-child of guilt may break love’s cruel chains

freedom is chosen bondage bondage is chosen freedom

at the transparent edge where sands meet seas

young lovers watch younger lovers dansing so

ancient wise ones sit in castles of sand as

the sun darkens to hear our children laughing so

a holy cross shatters that immaculate heart as

silver clouds danse through turbulent waters and

so our mourning becomes our tears rejoicing

as amidst embracing the integral horizon so singing

she picks up the greater weapon that is love refining love

announcing these words to her progeny

beloveds i am you and you and so

she holds us at rest in her immaculate hart

we are her poets she makes us sing

wisdom as subtle as love is subtle

from still deeper within all boundaries my

love whispers subtly through these words to you

dear readers

thank you beloveds for loving us first


chanting ‘all manner of things are increasingly well’ chanting…. 




and the nothingness becomes form becoming and

and form becomes the nothingness forming and


my love my mirabai my beloveds

we arise from ashes of love warbling

we arise to rest amidst imperfections knowing

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© february 20, 2003, revised november 29, 2006)

(© revision 07 juni 2014 by chrétien marc valentin)


(quartet iii follows)

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