the dutch mirror – when one goes wandering (movement i)

when one of us goes wandering


I know the way you can get…”




i know what happens when you go a wandering


when downward you blindly stumble and fall

forget the old ways of chants and magick

get lost in the labyrinth of the dark forest

lose the way of returning to the secret grove


the secret grove at the hart of the sacred mountain


squirrels stop playing and screaming

they fight not over the nuts and acorns

even the relentless blue jay ceases cawing

halts its endless attacks on tanager and robin


when you go a wandering i know what happens


when far and wide you meander and scramble

mindless of what is hidden from the foolish

delude yourself with fantasies dark and strange

discovering not the paths of returning enchanted waters


the enchanted watering streaming from the silvery springing


the honey bee sits still and buzzes not

from columbine to aster to lily to rose

the wildflowers refuse to bud and bloom

hiding their scent in the shadows of the sun


i know what happens when you go a wandering


crawl to a stop in a muddy slough of sorrowing

rip the sacred chants to pieces seeking meaning

weigh every word on a scale like a dead fish

bite your end to find your beginning like a snake


the serpent hiding itself within the spiraling coils of it selfing


not only the grasses and sedges becoming afraid

but the spore of black dirt ferns mosses lichens

all things fecund and living seeking sheltering sheaving

returning to you to our endings are our beginnings


when you go a wandering i know what is happening

chrétien marc valentin

(© 07 juni 2014 – revision)

(movement ii follows)

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