autumns symphonies – FOUR QUARTETS Third Quartet

third quartet – that white wolfe


“…the logos of the hart master refines freedom…”

                                    -dafree whitewolfe



thank you mirabai for loving me as i am


these words of yesterday are addressed

to you my dear poet today as in now


so today is tomorrow yesterday


hearing a white wolfe howling to the moon

seeing moonlight mirroring starlight reflect


true love rests beyond redemption


addressed these words are

my poet to your readers


wield the bright sword of love’s faithfulness


for now we must come to comfortable rest

as wilde rivers are tamed by wide valleys

as the white wolfe submits to the sacred packe

love cannot abandon its quest for love


take up your cross and slaughter god’s pure lamb


for now freedom is devotional service

as the antelope serves the panther

as the panther serves the tribal shaman

all creatures feed on such gentle darkness


love devours darkness revealing love


victory arises out of defeat

as patient sands purify restless water

through stillness the wolfe approaches its kill

transformation is the source of contentment


what does such sacrifice discover


my beloved’s song is still arising

victorious words of capitulation

lower love is higher love’s minstrel


come to comfortable rest in my beloved’ s song

listen to the song you are composing


leave all answers behind and follow love

until we know our faces as they are

we are not ready for the truth of love

the end of all quests is to start again

love’s martyr must transcend love’s martyrdom

the story is love’s redemption of love


gently it carves away at our darkness

chiseling bleeding hearts out of living stone


softer than spring clouds pregnant with warm rain

we become the hand wielding love’s true sword

knowing the way to transcend unknowing

we become the keen and transparent edge



as a white wolfe slumbering in the snow

a patient child rests within the virgin womb

as a snow swan awaiting silver dawn

divine inspiration is found in silence

as snowflakes pile into drifts of snowflakes

we pile metaphors on metaphors that love

that one wolfe man may sing the next swan song

wisdom is love only love is freedom


at the transparent edge where stars are born

old lovers watch older lovers dancing

children hide in castles of fire and ice

a darkening sun surrenders his throne

divinity bows to a sacred hart

white arms of swirling stardust pirouette

into an embrace of integral darkness

so mourning we become the rejoicing


pick up the sharper blade of keener love

announcing these words

beloveds we are you


we come to sweet rest in an empty cave

we are that song that white stallion prancing

the bolder wisdom of a higher love

love shining from beyond all boundaries

silver hooves scattering hope and starlight


thank you beloved for loving us first


of nothing something evasive is born

forming nothingness form becomes something

something forming something becomes nothing

of nothing, an illusive mystery


a new messiah born of higher love

arising from jerusalems’s ashes

love arises into what lies beyond


beloved in my ending is my beginning

in you we are that all that i am becoming

(© february 20, 2003, revised november 29, 2006)

(© revision 07 juni 2014 by chrétien marc valentin)


(quartet iv follows)

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