gully good synergy – improvisation on jacques brel

we will not leave you orphans

(improvisation on jacques brel)

“…Ne me quitte pas…” -Jacques Brel


do not abandon us please

one must not forget us as

all can be forgotten so even

those who want to forget again can

as we cannot forget such dreams so

these misunderstandings implore

and that time lost but not unlost is

now excavating contemplating this


orphanos non vos relinquam


we try to forget that those hours

are cutting deeper and deeper

into these precious moments

but truth is we do not forgive us

and so we do not abandon you

so even so you do not forget us


reliinquam orphanos non vos


we cannot forget our truth so

we cannot forget your beauty as

we cannot forget your goodness so

we cannot forget our ecstasy as


non vos relinquam orphanos


one naïve hart listens to our timeless dansing

chanting we will not leave you orphans


chrétien marc valentin

(© 09 juni 2014)

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