autumns symphonies – FOUR QUARTETS Fourth Quartet

fourth quartet – beyond what is falling

“…as  the hart master refines so the disciple redeems…”

                                    -dafree whitewolfe



thank you mirabai for loving us we are


these words of tomorrow are addressed to you

just now as in each fugitive moment


as tomorrow is yesterday and today


hearing a white wolfe howling to the moon

seeing mirroring reflecting embrace


we must announce last our dreams not yet arisen


addressed these words are

dear poet to you with each fleeting breath


the sword of higher love slays its user


for now, we enter the garden of thorns

the seamless sphere of the snow lily

at present we hang above golgotha

the untraveled spiral of the red rose

for now we become the headless green knight

seeking that which we already possess


love recovers love in dissolution


amidst the thorns the true rose is bleeding

the river of god’s blood is unending

the king tempers his tensile sword

within the fertile darkness gently approaching


love burnishing a sword refining love


we achieve victory beyond defeat

forge galahad’s steel sword into christ’s cross

christ’s silver cross into a golden chalice

carving our darkening way past despair


lifting the cross of our infidelity


we are swept into an arising flood

blue ice dissolving into sunlight

mad waters down flowing into harmony


come to tender rest in love’s labor lost

in a song of love found in foreign lands


hiding within all answers love questions

do you see my face yet behind your masks

are you ready for our adoration

the end of my love is to love just you

without you we are nothing beloved

lacking purpose yet in you we find love


gently carving each hart out of darkness

forming living diamonds from bleeding stones

softer than the white arms of midnight lust

love wields the stainless blade of higher love

transforming white clouds into a blue rose

a blue rose into a purple fragrance


as the white wolfe slumbering in the snow

the sacred child dreaming within the womb

the swansong trumpeting the golden dawn

divine bliss erupting into chaos

snowflakes piling into drifts of snowflakes

lovers piled upon lovers that one lover

one white wolfe might sing the next swan song

freeing captors and captives from captivity


at the transparent edge where children play

young lovers return to an olive tree

hidden within castles of fire and ice

a new messiah surrenders his sword

a mad god yields to a fallen goddess

white arms of swirling stardust pirouette

into an embrace of integral oneness

and so the stillness becomes the dansing


refining the intimacies of love

my beloved announces my dark one

you are more than just dreamers dreaming dream


merlyn finds sweet rest in nimue’s cave


a maiden mounts a prancing unicorn

keener perception conceives rarer love

lust shining from beyond all boundaries

descends upon silver hooves of starlight


singing we adore you we come dancing



thank you beloved for loving me as i am


of something, the predictable is born

yet nothing remains unpredictable

war is predictable while love is not

something dissolves into nothingness

nothing dissolves into nothing but love


i come from nothing but love loving love

i am nothing but love refining love

i return to nothing that is not love


my love is darker and her song in mine


come with me my readers come follow me

danse further up and further into love

“…pick up your sword…take up your cross…declare your love…come follow me…”

                                                            -dafree whitewolfe

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

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