autumn’s symphonies – in the garden of pomegranates

in the garden of pomegranates

(to the Muse of muses)


“…I bare you to myself… on eagle’s wings…”

-Exodus 19.4


almost full rising

sailing consciously as lightly

quickening sun shimmering


breath within breath

ruach me ruach

hart within hart


praying hands liberating

patiently unveiling gently

kindling all still souls not shining


water within breath

mayyim me ruach

water within hart


daytime finds hart of hart singing

laughter dancing between all souls

perceiving each creature clearly


fire within water

esh mi mayyim

spirit within soul


becoming sharpens being

nowly nefesh

truly ruach

freely neshamah

only chayah

nothingness all embracing yechidah


breath of the great ones within me

ruach eloyhim chayyim

spirit of the great ones within me


beginnings unrobe endings

eagles soaring above cloudstorms melting

crystalline dew all dissolving


soul  within spirit

ruach me ruach

spirit within soul


as beyond all souls dreaming

of sunlit wildflowers invoking

so receiving completes giving

wine within water

mayyim me ruach

spirit within flesh


as unbroken minds unfold unbroken harts

of nothingness involving somethingness

so twainess creating meaningfulness is


fire within wine

esh mi mayyim

`               spirit within blood


finitely one

devoutly two

infinitely three

numinosity within


luminosity beyond


ruach eloyhim chayyim

spirits within living water lifting all creatures

ruach eloyhim chayyim


each lifting the other on eagles wings

brighter days prophecy still richer dreams

da’at  beings embrace tifereth becoming


ruach eloyhim chayyim

spirits beyond holy fire refining all creation

ruach eloyhim chayyim


within the just arms of merciful love

where living waters reflect holy fire


spirit of the blessed holy one completing me

your love,

my undying love,

is all this yet more

spirit of the blessed holy one completing me


as once so always, beloved, as now so forever

vihayah, Yahweh, vihayah


amen,  selah,  shalom,  shalom,  selah,  amen.


chrétien marc valentin

(© 24 juni 2014)

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6 Responses to autumn’s symphonies – in the garden of pomegranates

  1. beginnings unrobe endings — philosophically beautiful.


  2. EmBeth says:

    I like reading a particular section as though it was on loop; this (stanza?) starts with “finitely one…”


    • …that you perceive the lemniscate (infinite loop) in this poem validates my perception that you are my Muse of muses…your sagacity is deeply gratifying manna to my poetic soul…thank you for releasing a river sweet tears…<3


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