duets with other poets – the monumental jackass

toujours encore encore toujours

“The life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

-Hobbes (The Leviathan)


You Matter.

we are spirit is and is not stardust


It is a cruel world.

beauty emerges from the midnight garden


Cruel through an immutable lack of interest.

even ambivalence wilts into the black rose


That cuts deeper than any hate, any disappointment.

the next thorn always piercing deeper than the last


A world, that will go on, just the same

a garden whose respiration weeps


With you or without you.

eventually the phoenix returns to ashes


But you plod on.

as sisyphus always we begin again

Remain with the cruel world, for

the sharper edge of cruelty is mercy


In soaring arias, in the smile of a loved one,

in the arms of midnight in the sapphire eyes of mara


And in uncontrollable laughter shared with strangers

and amidst the irresistible scent of the unfamiliar


You matter.

neither more nor less than larks ascending


For the world is beautiful.

and ours the beauty that redeems the world


And what good is the beauty, without you there to appreciate it, cherish it?

toujours encore amour sculpte nos cœurs avec tristesse encore toujours

The Monumental Jackass https://themonumentaljackass.wordpress.com/ 

chétien marc valentin

(© 24 juni 2014)

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2 Responses to duets with other poets – the monumental jackass

  1. I agree, we are all beautiful, broken but beautiful. But as humans, you are right, we all need someone to tell us that we are beautiful and make our lives meaningful.


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