duets with other poets – the way of oneness

the way time works


the way divinity plays

(to my dutch mirror)


“Ik ben niet een avonturier door keuze maar door lot.”

-Vincent Van Gogh


Notice I’m not asking

if it is not impossible to ask for

you to see the same

from a similar perspective a thing

—merely a road

returning to oblivion

and a full moon

casting shadows

in early evening

nightingales courting larks descending

—that’s all &

what is more there is this too

imagine your

hart as a not a hart but a

face raised

on high but looking down

to take in

the annealing light

the cooling air

the quickening water

& that sudden


hit on the skin

twerping up the spine

that says—

be silent my mind and  listen

here it is—

open your third eye and see

this is it—

the enchanting starry night

a moment in time,

a discrete place in space


a singular vertebrae in a double helix

seriously—a now

like a fibonacci array –  sequentially

that is some

as more is unity plus one

kind of that.

or as in we are neither this nor that

Notice I’m asking

nothing of something for

you to see your

love for us as our love for we are our

own huge glass

one bottomless black hole

jar of time burst

the sefirot scattering infinity

into fragments on

a divine womb playing amidst radiant stardust 

that same road

that is the way divinity plays always the same but already different

I’ll never see

the path within the path with shallow eyes

& that’s how it is

we never stop falling upward into novelty

—same road—

-the way within the higher way

on different evenings

embracing indifferent awakenings

                                still further up but not yet  further in


“…we are not pilgrims by choice but by providence…”

-dbreeden, wayofoneness.wordpress.com

chrétien marc valentin

(25 juni 2014)

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3 Responses to duets with other poets – the way of oneness

  1. Very profound. Life after life. Seeing beyond and into our soul. Lovely.


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